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About the 3rd RB

We believe strongly in realism, but still, manage to have fun!
We are a mature unit of individuals who believe in realism, our members include confirmed military veterans from various countries around the world. Everyone is welcome so please apply only if you are serious about joining a realism unit we expect nothing less. One Team, one Fight, one Machine. United States Army!

Our Structure

Welcome to the 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. A brotherhood that lives by Honour Courage, and Commitment as daily life values. 3rd Ranger Battalion, Is a military realism unit in Arma 3 that uses Custom Mods and Task Force Radio. We offer an extremely rigorous and tough Boot Camp.

As America's 3rd Ranger Battalion. It is true that the very nature of war makes being certain impossible, so every soldier that comes through must be trained relentlessly to be superior in both their body and mind. As in life, success on the battlefield depends on the ability to adapt quickly to constantly evolving conditions. You will faithfully serve with purpose. If you have what it takes to make it.
We are also Supported by the 58th SOW and the 17th STS

Sixteen and up is our Age limit here, but fourteen-year-olds and fifteen-year-olds can be made an exception depending on their Maturity level and activity in the Unit.