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  1. Brad_Pizzalato

    Server Changelog v2.0.2

    Official Change log v2.0.2 Version 2.0.2 will be deployed to the game server at 20:00 EST on 17 November 2018 The full change-log can be found below. Additions: [+] Entrance timer [+] New Anti-cheat system [+] New skins added Changes: [~] Paycheck dialog [~] /saveplayers added to all admins (Manually saves all players to database) [~] Timer on /orderpackage for factions so you can’t order weapons or drugs back to back. Timer is set to 1 order an hour. [~] 500players to 200 players max players [~] servername update Changes: [-] Removed old skins Fixes: [/] House alarm price said [/] Fixed streamer issues [/] Multiple backend script warnings (about 10) In-Progress: New /setstation channels (%80) Trucking Job(%65)(Beta Testing) Commercial Pilot's Job (%65) Pay N Spray/Modding System (%50) Credits: Brad Pizzalato
  2. Brad_Pizzalato

    Faction leader authorities (In-game)

    Faction ranks are done.
  3. Brad_Pizzalato

    Tucker Jenkins Ban Appeal

    I did see that you left before the system auto banned you so Ill let you go on this as you were being honest about the hacking. Please remove all cleos and hacks. I will unban you in game. Thread Will be locked. UNBANNED
  4. Brad_Pizzalato

    Vitality Gaming Staff Roster

    Vitality Gaming Staff members Founder Brad Pizzalato (Brad) Co-Founder / Manager Herbo Banks (PUB Juice/Dizz Nicca) Lead Admin Adric Washington (Braze) Head Admin Vonmar Stacks (Stax) Dontrell Fields (west) Senior Admin --- Game Admin Darwin Sims (Djayy) Jessy Bradshaw (JessyB) Sincere Watts (Kashmiir) Head Tester Hayden Grayson Testers Deuce Lyve Jerome Jackson Kimbo Spice Thomas Montalto Luna Sanchez
  5. Brad_Pizzalato

    Server Rules

    VG-RP Rules and FAQs The following will state all the rules in our server. You are to abide them, or receive punishment according to how severe your mistake was. If you see anyone breaking the following rules, please /report as soon as you can, OR take pictures and report that player on the forums (www.vitalitygaming.net) In-game Rules IC 1. Meta-Gaming (MG) (JAIL - 30m) FAQ: What is Meta-Gaming (MG)? Meta Gaming is having knowledge of something OOCly and bringing it ICly. Example: I would see Josh's sign in name (Mike_Danon). I can't address Mike by his name because he didn't tell me ICly. If I were to say his name that would be Meta-Gaming. How to avoid metagaming: Don't use "lol","rofl","lmao" or any other internet shortcuts in IC Chat. (Normal Chat). To use those, type /b [text] and write them. IC 2. Deathmatching (DM) (JAIL - 30m) FAQ: What is Deathmatching? Deathmatching means that you kill someone without a valid IC reason. How to avoid Deathmatching: Have a good reason if you want to attack someone. Also RP with the person first or it will be KoS(explained below) IC 3. Powergaming (PG) (JAIL - 25m) FAQ: What is Powergaming? Powergaming is roleplaying without giving someone any chances to resist. Or RP situations/actions that are NOT possible in real life. How to avoid Powergaming: If you are roleplaying with someone give him/her chances to resist by using “/do Do I succeed doing this?” or “/do Do you resist?”. Use this when you use an action against someone like “/me slowly makes a fist of his hand and punches [player] in the stomach”. Or when you tie someone up in your vehicle you also have to RP it and give him a chance to resist by using one of the /do's mentioned before. So, when you RP something with someone give the player a chance to resist your action. IC 4. Kill on Sight (Kom) (JAIL - 30m) FAQ: What is Kill on sight? Kill on Sight means that someone comes up to you and kills you without roleplaying before shooting you. [Use hotkeys if you think it's too hard, typing to shoot.] How to avoid Killing on Sight: RP with someone before you start shooting them. IC 5. Spawn Killing: (SK) (JAIL - 15m) FAQ: What is Spawn Killing? Spawn Killing means that you keep killing someone(or more players at the same time) at the location where they spawn. Like the hospitals, DOC/LSPD HQ. How to avoid Spawn Killing: Don't attack players on one of those locations that I mentioned before. Give them at least 5 minutes to move from the spawning location. IC 6. Revenge Killing: (RK) (JAIL - 10m) FAQ:What is Revenge Killing? Means that you kill someone, because he killed you first. How to avoid Revenge Killing: You have to wait at least 15 minutes after you spawned at the hospital before attempting to RP(maybe can lead to a kill) with that player. (POLICE May return to a scene of a crime after the main alteration is over. Example: IF Officer John_Doe was killed during the shootout. He may return to the scene of the crime after the main altercation has been cleared.) IC 7. Chicken Running: (CR)(JAIL - 10m) FAQ:What is chicken running? Chicken Running means that you run in all directions (zigzagm) to avoid getting hit by shots that a player is firing to you. IC 8. Car Ramming: (CR)(JAIL - 15m) FAQ: What is Car Ramming? Car Ramming means that you ram someone with your vehicle without a good reason. How to avoid Car Ramming: If you ram someone with your vehicle RP it. Don't drive away like nothing happened. IC 9. Crack Shooting: (Cm) AKA: Cbugging(JAIL - 20m) FAQ: What is Crack Shooting? Crack Shooting is using crouch(C bottom) to cancel the animation of shooting and have a ability to shoot faster. Crack Shooting is NOT allowed to use in shootouts against players. IC 10. Rush Taze: (RT) [LEO](Suspect is let Free) FAQ: What is Rushtazing? Rushtazing is when you shoot your tazer at someone who is either firing their weapon at you or aiming down their sights directly at you. You can, however, taze from behind. IC 11. Car Park (CP) (JAIL - 15m) FAQ: What is Car Parking? Harming a player with your vehicle planted on him. This is not allowed simply because that it would be abused. IC 12. Car Surfing (Cm) (JAIL - 5m) FAQ: What is to Car Surfing? Car Surfing is when you are on top of a car while its driving around. IC 13. Refusing RP(JAIL - 20m) FAQ: What is to Refusing RP? You use Alt Tab, /q, Accept death or Esc and Exit game to avoid death, Arrest or even RP situation. In real life you can't just freeze then disappear. IC 14. Exploit and Abusing Bugs(BANNED) FAQ: What is Exploit and Abusing Bugs? Simple, it's just exploiting game/script bugs for your advantage. This is a very serious offense and will be punished accordingly. IC 15. Healing on Brawl or Gunfight(JAIL - 25m) FAQ: What is Healing on Brawl or Gunfight? You can't heal in a gun fight, or a brawl. You must either make sure you've completely evaded/eliminated your threat, and go to replenish your health points. Even better, call an ambulance and RP. Healing includes getting armor in any way (including drugm). IC 16. Drive By (Strike On Gang/JAIL 10m) You may not do multiple drive bys with in a 1 Hour Timespan. Gang Wars Character Kill (CK) FAQ: What is Character Kill ? 'Player kill' means that you die in-game but respawn later on, being able to continue with your character, whereas 'character kill' means that you get killed in such a way that you're permanently eliminated, meaning you need to start a new character.Which the account is disabled thus that character is no longer playable. This includes anything at all to do with the account such as Money, Houses, Cars, etc. Therefore whoever gets Character Killed must basically start all over again as if they were new to the server. * Also,character kills are only allowed (And can only happen) if the player himself wants it.* -If you Character Kill you The Use of “F2” Using "F2" in order to take and store small objects such as a cell phone, watch, pistol etc..- is the\ correct usage on the "F2" inventory script. However using it in order to remove and store large objects such as a bat, rifle/shotgun, etc..- must require additional roleplay. Not just roleplay from "F2", roleplay taking it from a specific area, such as a large bag, house or vehicle. Failure to follow this rule may result into an administrative jail or an account ban. VPN’s Using a VPN will alert the admins immediately, and you will be instantly banned. And directed to the forums for a unban appeal Please do not use VPN’s on our server without proper permission from the server owner. Hacking Hacking of any sort is not tolerated at any time, and is an instant ban. Script Use Script use of any sort is not tolerated at any time, and is an instant ban. Constant DMing If we receive multiple reports against you that state DM as reason, you will be banned either for a certain period of time, either forever. Seeping Seeping is when you are a staff member on any other server, and staff with the Vitality Gaming. Seeping is not tolerated and is heavily enforced by the Server Security Team. /me and /do must be included when killing, such as RPing a reason to kill. One may not just shoot, kill and leave, this will be classified as deathmatching. Robbing When players are robbing another player a rob limit of $10000 is the maximum someone can be robbed for. However unlimited amounts of weapons, drugs and items can be taken. Ownership of vehicles and houses cannot be robbed. -You cannot rob an on-duty LEO. -All users involved in a robbery of any kind must be level 5 and above. Robbing LEO When Players kill an officer they can only rob the weapon that is on the ground. because in a real life situation Police would have back up on the spot. One may not rob an LEO as they would a normal “non-injured” player, this is UNRP. Sexual harassment/Rape(BAN if forced upon a player that has not agreed OOC) Is not tolerated in our server UNLESS both parties have agreed to it on /b please take a screenshot of the agreement so you do not get caught up in some kind of report. Scamming Scamming players is allowed as long as it is done RPly with no OOC conversation involved whatsoever. The scam limit is 50k. (Vehicles may not be scammed). Healing(Jail - 5m) No healing during roleplay (Using drugs, food, etc). False Reports(Jail - 5m) False reports on another user can and will result in an a-jail. Bug Abusing(Jail - 120m) Bug abusing will result in a a-jail and or a reset of stats/inventory. RP Injury(Jail - 10-30m)(If you do this during a shootout you will lose WL) When a player is injured they may not cancel their animation in order to walk around, this will result in a jail and/or fine. When a player is injured on the ground roleplay must be included when finishing them, if you simply shoot with no roleplay the RP will be voided and you will be a-jailed. RP Crashes If a player crashes their vehicle they must RP it fully, this means calling FD if needed. Failure to RP crashes will result in an a-jail. If Both partys agreed to Void RP Crash then you can move on. Please take screenshots so any kind of future reports will not effect you. /Acceptdeath (Jail - 20m) Using /acceptdeath during an RP will result in an a-jail unless both parties agree to it. You may /acceptdeath if nobody has tried any kind of RP interaction with you LTA(Logging To Avoid)(Offline Jail - 60m) Logging to avoid roleplay (/q or forced timeout) will result in an admin jail, after the first offence every other will increase your jail time. IF you do crash during a RP situation we give everyone the benefit of the doubt and give you a 3 to 5 Minutes to return if you do not you will be offlined Jailed for 120 Seconds. Cop Baiting(Jail - 10m) Intentionally crashing into cops so you can get chased or doing anything to cops intentionally so you get their attention is called cop-bait, and will get you admin jailed. Gang Baiting(Jail - 10m) Intentionally trying to get a gang's attention in order to promote shooting or chasing is called gang baiting and you will be admin jailed.