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  1. PUB Juice

    Colt damage buffed [In-Game]

    It has been raised 2 days ago to 22dmg, it won't be raised any higher or it'll be way to overpowered.
  2. PUB Juice

    Equipping weapons and the auto /ame [In-game]

    Suggestion denied, closed.
  3. PUB Juice

    Equipping weapons and the auto /ame [In-game]

    They wont see it if you have it scrolled. Come on man, you cant be that slow. Take it out your inventory and just scroll it. Simple.
  4. PUB Juice

    Server Changelog v2.0.3

    Looking good.
  5. PUB Juice

    Server Changelog v2.0.2

    Good update. Lets keep it up.