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  1. Hello, Sacred The report against Jerome will be closed, Jerome will not be punished under these grounds. You should not have returned to the same scene you were killed off from, just because Jerome wrote the wrong reason mistakenly does NOT justify you making a report on him. I highly doubt you just so happened to be at star street where the Police chase ended, it's quite obvious that some form of OOC communication occurred. The jail will be served. Kind regards, Braze.
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    Staff Report Format

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    Forum Rules

    FORUM RULES The forum rules set in place are to act as a guide for what is acceptable on VG-RP forums & are enforced by Administrators and Moderators alike, At any time these rules are subject to change and all registered users will be notified of these changes. POINT SYSTEM The VG-RP forums operate on a point system, at any time should a member of the community commit an act against the forum rules posted below, they will receive a set amount of points based on their infraction and may serve a punishment up to a permanent ban based on points committed & general status of their activity. 1 POINT OFFENSES No rude/insulting behavior, members are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times. No foreign languages in topics/sections not designated for a particular language. No metagaming. "Metagaming" is the act of mixing OOC and IC information. No triple posting Post in relevant sections. Threads posted in the wrong section will be moved to the correct section by moderators. ( Members will receive a warning ONLY after repeatedly performing these actions. ) Remain on topic ( Threads should remain on the topic they were made to discuss. A new thread should be made for a new discussion. ( Members will receive a warning ONLY after repeatedly performing these actions. ) No Spamming No post whoring: short and useless comments like 'This','+1' and ' ^' are considered as post whoring. Do not post irrelevant comments on reports/ban appeals/ - If you are not directly involved, don't post a comment unless you have crucial information. ( May be bumped up to 2 points; users will be notified on the post if it gets bumped to 2 warning points ) Do not comment OOC comments on IC topics unless you put (( brackets )) around your comment, OOC comments should be kept to a minimum in an IC thread. Quoting without adding a comment. Reputation farming will result in an automatic 1 POINT OFFENSE & Reputation reset. 2 POINT OFFENSES No advertising other servers or products/services ( 2 points or a ban depending on the situation ) Writing hostile or insulting messages through a public post or through PM's will not be tolerated. ( 2 points or a ban depending on the situation ) Posting of any illegal modifications/hacks. ( 2 warning points or ban depending on situation ) No Racism/hate speech ( 2 warning points or ban depending on situation ) BAN DURATION At any point should a member of the community accumulate any amount of the following point values, their account will be banned from posting on the forums completely for the allotted time. 4 POINTS - 2 DAY BAN 8 POINTS - 1 WEEK BAN 12 POINTS - 2 WEEK BAN & PROBATIONARY PERIOD 20 POINTS - 1 MONTH BAN & PROBATIONARY PERIOD FORUM PROBATION Should a member of the community accumulate 12 points or above, they will be given the option to cut their forum ban in half by entering a probationary period. Once a member has been banned for half of their sentence, an anonymous poll will commence detailing the members offence and will give the COMMUNITY the power to allow this member to serve their full sentence or to return under HEAVY supervision. At any time should the banished member commit an infraction of any kind during their probationary period, they will serve out the half of their sentence, regardless of how many days they have been on the probationary period and may be permanently banned from the community depending on severity. After 20 points are accumulated, any points accumulated after this amount will result in a permanent ban from the community with no chance of return. ANY and ALL points may be disputed at any time, If you feel you've been wrongfully punished, please CONTACT any of the lead Forum Moderators personally through PM's. **ALL RULES ARE SUBJECTED TO CHANGE** TRADEMARKED BY VITALITY GAMING ROLE PLAY ™ CREDITS: braze
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    Lakeem Wyatt - Money Refund.

    Hello, munchies. Your refund request has been ACCEPTED please contact me anytime you see me in game so I can set your money. Thank you.
  5. This is currently being worked on.
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    Equipping weapons and the auto /ame [In-game]

    If someone MG's then make use of /report or file a forum complaint. Simple.