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  1. vans

    Forgot my pass

    After speaking with Brad, I understand that he already told you to make a forum report and that; This thread is now locked and archived. Please avoid creating another thread with the same reason, just private message me and I will get your thread back. Thank you.
  2. vans

    Forgot my pass

    @Brad_Pizzalato, @PUB Juice
  3. vans

    Forgot my pass

    I will contact the management and see what we can do. Please, stay patient and avoid creating another thread, while we're solving your concern.
  4. vans

    House dupe keys[In Game]

    As of now, you can only hand furniture permissions for X player. This is something that needed and I'm looking forward to seeing it implemented in the server. You got my vote.
  5. vans

    Server Changelog v2.0.2

    Keep up the great work! 🤘
  6. In-game name: Luna Sanchez Explanation: As of now, you can't really do anything as a faction leader besides, /setrank. There should be an option something like the Management have which is /editfaction in order to edit faction ranks, offline uninvite members from the faction and so on. Screenshots or concept design: n/a