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  1. Jerome_Jackson

    Staff Report - Jerome (False Admin Jail)

    Ok kiddo.
  2. Jerome_Jackson

    Staff Report - Jerome (False Admin Jail)

    You were admin jailed because police were chasing you and your friend in Idlewood and had killed you. In the same situation, they continued to pursue your friend who was able to elude for a while before being killed. I don't even know how you knew he was there at Star Street, however you came over there and began engaging in RP in the same scenario you had earlier died in, and even began picking up shell casing evidence off of the ground. Regardless of whether you died at that specific place, you were involved in that situation and had died, returning obviously would have meant you were breaching server rules and you know that. Don't know why you're acting as if you're clueless being that we exchanged a few words over /b before I prisoned you.
  3. Jerome_Jackson

    Colt damage buffed [In-Game]

    Colt damage should stay where it's at. It's rate of fire is the reason why the damage should stay low. I've personally witnessed people drive bying with a colt which makes it's rate of fire almost equivalent to the M4.