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  1. TOPIC FORMAT: What are all of your character names?: Lakeem Wyatt Why do you think you're fit to join the tester team?: believe I'm a suitable candidate for the tester team as I'm a kind, friendly and approachable person furthermore, I'm a fair and trustworthy person. My timezone allows me to witness a lot of havoc on the server during the late hours of the day and I'd like to contribute to the team to the most of my abilities, I have a lot of free time on my hands and I'm more than willing to dedicate myself to the team. I don't have much prior experience but I'm hoping I can take this opportunity to learn and become a better staff member over time. What makes you better than the rest of the applicants?: I'm active during the off hours whilst there's a usual lack of moderation on the server, I believe I'd be a valuable asset in keeping the server cool during these times. I'm a team player and will happily contribute and dedicate myself to the server as much as I can. What timezone are you in?:UTC +8 What are your activity levels on the server?: All nighter in weekends, 3-4 hours in weekdays. Do you understand the responsibility and requirements of a VG-RP staff member?: I do.
  2. munchies

    Colt damage buffed [In-Game]

    raise it. quality over getting owned by a colt whilst having an m4 type of rants