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  1. Sacred

    Staff Report - Jerome (False Admin Jail)

    I was at Star Street before the pursuit even went there. As you said yourself, I died at Idlewood Gas Station. Therefore, me going there is NOT returning to the place I died. Your ajail reason was "returning to the scene of death", therefore your statement is invalid. Thanks for responding!
  2. Players you're reporting: Jerome Your in-game name: Nathan Palazzo Date/Time of incident: 11/24/18, roughly 8:30 PM PDT Witnesses involved: Me, two members of SD Rules broken: False admin jail Explanation of the incident: Evidence (Screenshots/Videos):Check server logs. On 11/24/18, roughly at 8:30 PM PDT, I was admin jailed for "returning to the scene of his death." I was in a shootout with SD prior to this in Idlewood. Jerome himself said that I was in Idlewood, however, he still admin jailed me for interacting with SD at Star Street.