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  1. What are all of your character names?: Scott_Gintlover Why do you think you're fit to join the tester team?: I think I fit the tester team very well for many different reasons. First, I have played SAMP for about 6 years now, my first ever server was True Roleplay which was a very heavy server and it shut down about 4 years ago. Another reason why I am fit to join the tester team, because I actually played this server when it shut down the first time, I was a FD member. Now I am a sheriff, so I talk to the admins a lot in the teamspeak, so they can help me if something is wrong or so on. Last, I am fit for this job, because before it shut down the first time I was a tester. What makes you better than the rest of the applicants?: Many things make me better then the other applicants. First, I was a tester here before Brad shut the server down, but I was using a totally different name. Next, I speak to many admins in TS since I am a sheriff. Last, I am better then the other applicants because have been playing SAMP for 6 years. What timezone are you in?: Eastern Pacific. What are your activity levels on the server?: I have around 25 hours played, and I am very active. Do you understand the responsibility and requirements of a VG-RP staff member?: Yes, as I was a tester before on this server.