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VG-RP Tester Application [STATUS: OPEN]

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Vitality Gaming Role-Play Tester

Having the opportunity to apply for the staff team on this server is a great privilege. Being apart of the staff team allows you to contribute to the server by assisting community players whether in-game or on forums, ensuring that the forums stay moderated on a consistent rate, and assisting game admins in certain activities on the forums. There are only a select few individuals that get accepted into the staff team, so we expect applicants to be experienced within the script, active, and mature. So if you're intrigued and have a passion of helping out the community, feel free to copy the format and submit an application.




  • Playing hours — you must have more than twenty-four (24) playing hours. There is no bypass to this, regardless of being an old community member or not.
  • Be able to work in a team — working in a team is a major thing you must be able to do when being apart of the staff team. If you work together with the same people you do and get along things will go so much more smoother.
  • Have a friendly and respectful attitude — any player in our staff team must be friendly and respectful. Being insubordinate is not tolerated and you will be removed from your position if you act out in any way, shape, or form. We want our staff members to represent themselves in a good way to community players.
  • Discord — all people applying for the staff team must have Discord and must be in the VG-RP public Discord server. Most of the staff related meetings go down in Discord so it is a necessity.



Application Format


"Forum Name — Tester Application"


[b]What are all of your character names?:[/b] ANSWER HERE

[b]Why do you think you're fit to join the tester team?:[/b] ANSWER HERE

[b]What makes you better than the rest of the applicants?:[/b] ANSWER HERE

[b]What timezone are you in?:[/b] ANSWER HERE

[b]What are your activity levels on the server?:[/b] ANSWER HERE

[b]Do you understand the responsibility and requirements of a VG-RP staff member?:[/b] ANSWER HERE








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