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"Melly — Tester Application"

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What are all of your character names?: TayMore_Woods

Why do you think you're fit to join the tester team?: Well i think ill be fit to join because i can get it done like i been playing for lots of hours im almost to like 50 hours i think and i and Like I like to help People out and i like to socialize with people. Like I helped a person. Yesterday He did not know where to go to get a job and i drove him there and showed him the best job in my opinion And i like to do them things because No one else will do it Yea that is why i can do Tester.

What makes you better than the rest of the applicants?: Because I like to help and most of these people Probably wont even do there job like i would. 

What timezone are you in?: is GMT/UTC - 5h during Standard Time  is GMT/UTC - 4h during Daylight Saving Time

What are your activity levels on the server?: Like 10 I really dont understand is yall asking like how active on the server Im on there all the time mostly.

Do you understand the responsibility and requirements of a VG-RP staff member?: Yes I do Hope i get accepted

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