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SHEESH — Tester Application

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What are all of your character names?: Kemonte Ramirez

Why do you think you're fit to join the tester team?: I think i would be fit for tester as i notice things and bugs that go around in the server and i would rather report them as other people would abuse them, also i would want to join because there are alot of things that people do that has no justice done either to no admins online. 

What makes you better than the rest of the applicants?: I wouldn't want to think of myself as better than everyone else, but i would want to join the tester team to improve the server.

What timezone are you in?:  Pacific Time (US & Canada)

What are your activity levels on the server?: I have over 150+ hours on the server.

Do you understand the responsibility and requirements of a VG-RP staff member?: Yes.

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