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Server Changelog v2.0.3

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Official Change log



Version 2.0.3 will be deployed to the game server at 22:00 EST on 19 November 2018

The full change-log can be found below.


Major Additions:

[+] Fire Script ADDED

Upper management can start fires for Fire Department Roleplay, can also delete all fires if issues arise.

[+] Trucker Script ADDED (Beta Testing)

To access the Trucker job you must buy a semi from the industrial vehicle shop. Located West Los Santos in the studio area by one of the hangers. Then drive to los santos docks ATTACH to a trailer and then enter the red circle south of the trailers and choose your locations (YES! You can have multiple cargos loads on your trailer) You can have up to 40,000 Pounds in cargo if you go over that it is ILLEGAL cargo at that point in which POLICE can seize your cargo.


Trucker Commands






[+] /factionmod - Creates Managers to manage all Factions

[+] /setmapper - Can dynamical map the server.

[+] /admintitle

[+] /amotd - Message of the day


[~] /setstation Updated



[-] Removed M4/MP5/SNIPER RIFLEs from LEO lockers



[/] Fixed streamer issues



Bank Robbery Script(%80)(Beta Testing)

Trucking Job(%100)(Beta Testing)

Commercial Pilot's Job (%65)

Pay N Spray/Modding System (%50)



Brad Pizzalato

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